About Duncan Rhodes

I am a freelance travel writer currently splitting my time between Barcelona, Spain and London. I write regular feature articles and city guides for the likes of Easyjet Magazine, Ryanair Magazine, CNN Traveller, Jetaway (Jet2 inflight magazine), Yeahbaby! (BMI Baby inflight magazine), Wizzair Magazine and other travel publications.

I graduated with a 2:2 in Greek & Roman Studies from Birmingham University in 1999, but despite this heavyweight qualification failed to waltz in the front door of any Blue Chip companies hiring at the time, quickly learning how to stuff envelopes instead.

Park-Guell-BarcelonaAfter dabbling in Sports Development, editing personal development tools, I went travelling for much of 2002/2003, falling in love with Krakow in Poland en route and relocating there in the Spring of 2005. I was hired by Cracow Life (www.cracow-life.com) as a part-time writer, rising to full-time Editor-in-Chief within six months and recruiting a team of three other full-time Editors.  My team launched 14 new websites to Central and Eastern European destinations bringing Lifeboat Ltd.’s (Cracow Life’s parent company) portfolio of city guides to 22 websites and becoming the leading network of online travel guides to the region.

When Lifeboat Ltd. bought the Krakow Post in 2008, I became the Nightlife & Dining Editor and contributed the monthly Notes From The Underground column, (ironically) eulogising my nocturnal escapades about town. I also contributed to the Post’s current affairs, business, sports and culture sections.

Since early 2009 I have been working as a full-time freelance travel writer, specialising in Poland, East Europe (including Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Estonia and Lithuania) and Spain. I relocated to Barcelona in May 2009, where I have been updating and revising a nightlife guidebook for US publishers Party Earth, writing feature articles on Barcelona for the travel press, and have also found time to launch Barcelona Life travel guide in collaboration with Lifeboat Ltd.

If you are an Editor and would like to get in contact regarding an assignment, or would like me to pitch you some ideas on a destination, please drop me an email. I always have a number of strong pitches on my desktop at any given time.

Employers looking for an experienced content editor with fantastic SEO knowledge and methods (I quadrupled Lifeboat’s traffic in my three year tenure in charge of content and SEO from 150,000 to over 600,000 visitors per month), management experience and knowledge of online marketing may also get in contact via email with any opportunities!

4 Responses to “About Duncan Rhodes”

  1. A quick introduction… « Duncan Rhodes – Travel Writer Says:

    […] as to who I am and act as an online CV/portfolio for editors and potential employers. In the ‘about Duncan Rhodes‘ section you will find a short bio, whilst on the right are some links to some of my previous […]

  2. pascoesabido Says:

    Hi Duncan,

    Cheers for the support – much appreciated….

    A fellow writer living in Barcelona? I still pine for the days: the laid-back life and late night parties. I miss them sorely.

    However, I’m now halfway through an MSc in Environment and Development in London, and in all honesty my writing has seriously suffered i.e. been completely put on hold. Not showing the best dedication to the ‘art’.

    I like the look of both sites (being a gooner clearly helps!) but have to say my current dalliances into the real world are becoming more and more limited. I still try and watch the arse as much as possible, given all sorts of other commitments, but I haven’t written anything since last autumn (not even sure if it’s on the blog). A bit stupid, as there have been some interesting things going on, but the time aspect has been a killer. Just so much work and reading and all sorts.

    It would be good to do some more but not sure how much time I can commit, and not likely to be on too regular a basis. But that said, I’m sure there are some ideas or quick pieces that could be done in the near future.

    Let me know what you were thinking – I was recently in Copenhagen for the Climate Conference, which would definitely make an interesting piece.

    Best to get me on email: pascoe [dot] sabido [at] gmail [dot] com


  3. Writing For Party Earth « Duncan Rhodes – Travel Writer Says:

    […] was inevitably going to arouse my interest. I duly sent in my application form, along with my CV, which for once suited the bill perfectly (I’d spent the last 3.5 years writing about bars […]

  4. Travel Writing Workshops « Duncan Rhodes – Travel Writer Says:

    […] by now, this post is a plug for that very course and a big thank you to Mr. Carty for kick-starting my career in travel writing. I could tell you about everything I learned during the workshop, such as how to structure an […]

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