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Candid Camera (Lomography in Barcelona)

February 13, 2010

One of the disadvantages in writing for bi-monthly publications is the long gaps that arise in between researching your article, writing/submitting it and then seeing it published. Why is this a problem? Well the obvious bugbear is that, if you only get paid on publication, it can lead to big cashflow issues! Whilst a smaller difficulty arises when there is a big gap between conducting the research and deadline day… for example by the time I’d finally got the go ahead for my piece on Lomo photography in Barcelona (some time in autumn 2009) I was having to stretch my memory several months to when I actually researched the piece (back to spring 2009) to recall vital info and set a credible scene. I do use a voice recorder to get the all-important quotes but carrying a notebook isn’t always practical and I do rely on memory for thoughts, impressions and details. Anyway I mention this as a caveat to aspiring travel writers: some ideas and articles will, whether you like it or not, take longer to materialise in published form than you’d ideally like, so try to be better prepared than I usually am to keep them fresh on ice!

Anyhow finally, a good nine months after I spent a very enjoyable weekend with Barcelona’s Lomography community, and four months after I submitted it to the editor, my article was published by Jetaway.

It looks better in print naturally, with a selection of mine and more talented Lomographers shots to accompany the piece! But anyway it was a great subject, and I think I just about did it justice!

This prodigious wait to see it in print did get me thinking that, much as I love both Jetaway and the editor, from a business point of view it does make more sense to submit ideas to monthly magazines first. Not only do they commission faster, get printed faster and therefore end up paying much faster, but there is less scope for things going wrong. If an article gets published a few weeks after it gets commissioned there is less chance of the article being canned because of some issue you have no control over… such as the airline going bust! It’s happened before, believe me.