Travel Photography

Travel photography is an additional service I would like to offer editors, and I have already supplied photos for a number of articles such as Goodbye Lenin for Click Magazine, and for my interviews with Mike Trebacz and Katherine McLaughlin for Wizzair Magazine as well as for my feature article Gnome Sweet Gnome.

Let me be the first to suggest that if you’re looking for someone to shoot an important cover then you should hire someone with much more experience (viz. talent), however if you would like to buy photos to supplement a travel article you have commissioned please let me know. In effect, I am offering a cost effective alternative to hiring a specialist travel photographer because I can bring my camera to any destination I am researching and offer good quality photos for a small additional fee.

I have recently begun a Flickr photostream, which you can take a look at and I will add to soon. Please note none of these photos have been previously edited. I try to concentrate on getting good angles, content and composition so that photo editors have something to work with.

After living in Poland for 3.5 years I have a sizeable photo library of images on the likes of Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdansk and Warsaw, and also have pictures from various other cities in East Europe, such as Budapest, Kiev, Moscow, Split, Dubrovnik, Belgrade, Riga and Berlin. What’s more I also have contact with scores of professional and talented amateur travel photographers in Poland and Spain, and can happily put you in contact with them as a courtesy. Just drop me a line.

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